The Complete Advisers' Guide to Innovating Your Firms Business Model

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Peter Drucker

Sick of trying to grow your advice firms and engage clients, yet find time in the day simply to keep the business on an even keel? It's not getting any easier to run an advice business.

It's time to change the game.

Finnovation is a manual for ambitious advice business owners who want to do things differently. Leveraging leading practice management insight, and combining it with the cutting edge startup methodology used by Silicon Valley to launch multi-million dollar companies on a shoestring, Finnovation lifts the lid on how to set up innovation opportunities that will enable your firm to grow without the constraints that continue to hold back traditional advisory models.

It’s time for SME advice businesses to leverage the methodologies and technologies of Silicon Valley to lead the next wave of financial innovation.

If you're a financial adviser, accountant, risk specialist or financial service professional who is serious about creating the kind of innovative businesses that will have people outside our industry saying "Wow, you won't believe what advice firms are doing these days", this is the book for you.



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Let me explain why finnovation is worth your attention...

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  • Video 2: Finding your great idea that will lead along the path to your innovation opportunities
  • Video 3: Validation: How to avoid wasting time and money launching the wrong idea

"Stewart is one the most entrepreneurial business coaches I have ever met. This book identifies, defines and importantly gives the reader the tools to tackle the challenges that lay ahead with technology. As a reader you can feel Stewarts passion to change financial advice in Australia for the better. His experience shines through and I have taken a number of things away from reading this book that I am now implementing daily. "

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Table of Contents

  • INTRODUCTION: The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

    Why Advisory Firms Need To Innovate  ♦ Barriers ♦ The Best Time To Start is Yesterday, Second Best Is Now ♦ Lean Startup & The Science Of Overnight Success ♦ The FINV8 Methodology

  • STEP ONE: Foundation

    The Danger of Not Knowing Where You’re At ♦ In Business, Growing Pains Can Kill ♦ How To Self-Analyse Your Business ♦ The 15 Areas That Represent The Base of Your Business ♦ The 5-Power Areas That Dictate Your Ability To Innovate

  • STEP TWO: Insight

    Mindset: Why Some Do And Some Never Start ♦ Finding Problems Worth Solving ♦ Deciding Which Problem To Commit To

  • STEP THREE: Envision

    The Power Of A Compelling Vision ♦ The Business Model Canvas ♦ Challenging Your Own Assumptions  ♦  Can You Do It Alone?  ♦  Testing Cheap And Failing Quickly, Getting Stuff Built

  • STEP FOUR: Validate

    The Power of Tribe ♦  Behaviour – Why Bootcamps Work And Most Client Reviews Don’t ♦  The Gamification Opportunity ♦ What To Do With Feedback

  • STEP FIVE: Activate

    The Secrets To Getting Stuff Done ♦ Your Offsite Planning Session ♦ Your First 8 Days ♦ The First 8 Weeks ♦ The First 8 Months

Meet the Author

Stewart Bell

Stewart Bell is a Business Coach, Founder of Audere Coaching & Consulting, and one of Australia's experts on the topic of innovation within financial services SMEs. In over a decade in the field of specialist business coaching, he's worked with over 300 firms, from small single-planner practices to large corporatised multi-partner businesses (as well as other non-advisory businesses of various interesting and sometimes odd flavours).

He's also been engaged by Australia's largest institutions to deliver workshops, keynote speeches, thought leadership, and direct consulting on a range of business-related topics. In addition, Stewart is a lover of technology.

In 2012-13, he helped launched the Sydney business incubator Corporate to Freedom, taking an active role in coaching entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses. His belief is that, right now, the financial services industry is at a turning point. That point presents an unmatched opportunity for ambitious business owners to take control of their business destinies through innovating like never before. The goal is to reach a point where people, within and outside the industry are saying, "Wow! You won't believe what advice businesses are doing these days.”